Meet Laura B. Temin, LPC, LMFT, DCC.


Laura is endorsed by many high profile physicians and equally amazing, yet lesser known physicians, businesses, and individuals for her commitment to excellence to her clients and to the quality of training in her school of hypnosis.

Among her supporters are Dr. Daniel Amen, Best Selling Author and Medical Expert in the field of Brain Health, and Founder of the Amen Clinics. The brilliant and talented Dr. Taz, of CentrespringMD., a highly acclaimed Integrative Health Physician in Atlanta who is often featured with Dr. Oz. And Dr. Patel and Dr. Dowdell, both Sleep Specialists and Pulmonary Physicians at Wellstar Hospital who are two of the most dedicated, kind and patient-centered physicians and long-time supporters of Laura Temin.

Laura takes an integrative and holistic approach in her work with clients. Partially because she spent 8 years working in the Emergency Department of a hospital system where she worked with people in crisis and the attending staff and families so she clearly understands the connection between brain function, the mind, physical health, emotions and financial health.


Her work with people expands over twenty years and experience proves that success demands a comprehensive approach.



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